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of the Main Kalee. Its aspect and locality are confined by mountains,

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As in malarial cases, one occasionally meets with leukocytes carry-

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Besides the two modes of ligating the artery on the

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of the membrane do not go beyond this point, it is probable that com-

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("fat and forty"). In advanced age there is likely to be a

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sion more or less for several years ; and on one occasion he was salivated by

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fully studied and frequently consulted, no matter how much practical

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now would be practically the same as during the times

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in the feet and ankles, but being generally less in the

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1 Bee Report of the Poor Law Commission, \W9, Q. 10302.

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feoe assumes a remaxkaUe dirty color. Hie skin also becomes ei-

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AMYOTitOPHic lateral SCLEROSIS ; CHARCOT'S DISEASE. — Charcot distin-

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now (Aug. 27th) there is still the remains of it there, though it is

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does not manifest itself by any other symptom: and it is curious,

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on tliis subject have found the favourite site of the haemorrhages to be

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leagues, alcohol being given when the usual den, N. J., before the Medical Society of

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infiltrated with fluid. The integuments and all the adjacent

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Schedule (A) of the Medical Act (1858), provided that no

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has lost its oldest medical practitioner. Born in Ayrshire in

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chest. X-ray films demonstrated a consolidation of the

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establishments. Again, the fever is modified in its expression

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Also, an epidemic sore throat with fever, the febrile symptoms run-

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spasm of the left side of the face in a lady of thirty-nine. All other treatment

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he has found a change from the country to the town to be not less

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A number of substitutes for bread have been proposed and

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