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of the throat, which was now hard and swollen in the parotid re-
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ite Sir Walter. On this island, we are told, was born the first white
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examination, by which MM. Luys, Parrot, and Tainaiel-Mauriac. have
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steam. Fauces sponged with solution of nitrate of silver, 40 grains
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contracted and the drug is employed to arrest haemorrhage
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In practising this method the hair should be removed
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disinfectant now known for the sterilization of infected pre-
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pleura, and a suppurating wound as a consequence — a long, painful
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1 double-edged knife, in a sheath, 22 centimetres long; 2 straight bis-
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opening for five days, when I again punctured and drew off forty
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Barrier (Gaz. Med. de Lyon, 1852, ii. Schriftl. Mitthlg.) had be-
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fifth day after the operation she was up, and on the tenth felt able to,
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In a case of aortic aneurism under ray care last suraraer, there ex-
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took one gill of the oil, and on the following day these masses passed
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fulness, as a physician. We may add to this brief notice the fact that
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for the same reason. The local action of drugs after ab-
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copious deposit of lymph, from one fourth to three eighths of an
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externally. Silver oxide, cyanide, and iodide are official,
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Oakum, consisting of the fibres of old rope, is often
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40 ; thymol, gr. 20 ; water, 3 iv. It is indicated in stomatitis.
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The latter accounts, in part, for the dark coloration of the
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Tincinra Belladonnce Foliorum. Tincture of Belladonna Leaves.
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performed in the Western United States and the hospitals of Paris and London.
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Dose (of sublimed, washed or precipitated sulphur). —
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spiritus glonoini is the only preparation of nitroglycerin
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But he asked, as a special favor, to be allowed to go with his regi-
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diuresis, or in local inflammation, to contract vessels.
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de mercure, iodure mercurique, Fr.; rotlies jodquecksilber,
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influence on the muscles themselves. Tremors occur occa-
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leaving nature to set up her reparative process at this stage, we con-
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ventricular contractions of the frog's heart were slowed by
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acidi sulph. a., q. s. ; aquaj font., f§ iij. M. S. A teaspoonful every

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