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immigrants who have recently landed. Sudden changes in tempera-

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the life history of this bone) burnt and powdered, one-half tea-

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a small, hard, indolent lump, which gradually degenerates into

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and secure a regular action of the glandular system.

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At all events, this eruption differs entirely in its course

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Capsicum is one of our best rubefacients ; and, incor-

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Officers of this Society shall be a president, a presi-

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from time to time, he^ilairaed that this particular case was an

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gives in 36 cases syphilis as the only assignable cause, in 17 cases syphilis and

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blood, it is evident that anything which hinders the exchange of matter

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in the history of our Medical Societies ; the Court having here

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condemned. These professorial advertisers evidently

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Stomach. Enlarged and distended. Colon enormously enlarged and

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stealing has far overshot those who can see; and there were many

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might be said, but this is a subject almost too sacred for public remark.

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myself, I prefer to treat such cases as this just as I treat cases of appendi-

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suddenly. The heart did not previously flutter, grow

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wrapped with cotton thread. If a testicle swells, apply cloths wmng

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have been founded on modern lines, and in which the course of

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should be practised as faithfully and in as great detail

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flammation of the ligaments of the coccyx itself. This

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tomy. Autopsy two months after operation. A week before the animal was

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and a good faradic battery, capable of very accurate graduation, should be

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transient or lasting. Persistent deafness has been attributed to atrophy of

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is a base consisting of silicate of alumina and magnesia, combined with

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