Glycolic Acid Lotion 15

other causes, might be effectually controlled by the same means, and he
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Horace Walpole, Fothergill, Hartley, Harvey, Mascagni, and Scarpa.
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Bordier was, like most other persons similarly diseased, de-
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titioner, shall be valid, unless the person signing the
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It is a most important comparison to institute, in the study of any
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are far more favorable. Berndt advises incising the bladder to
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to withhold or withdraw such treatment, the physician is
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found. This would make the diagnosis of malignancy in
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of the blood-current in the umbilical vein after birth caused a sufficient lowering
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ness is not, unless in the rare instances of periostitis of
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in 1872, and a veteran of the Civil War, died at his
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not let ourselves be blinded to admit, when a new Medical Bill
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stances insoluble in water in anytin have been called anytols.
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severe pain in the back and left side. Had hemorrhoids with
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Kiudesalter. Ceutralbl. f. Kinderh., Leipz., 1897, ii, 73-75.
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1 Beitrdge zur Pathologic unci Therapie der Pankreaserkrankrungen, Bei'lin, 1904.
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"William Dixon, Esq., J.P., one of the honorary Surgeons, an
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glycolic acid lotion 15
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detaching the periosteum from the mastoid process, the cortex
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Very often, as in the examination for sugar, it is necessary to
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latter case, the child should be raised b^ a wet nurse, which is preferable,
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of the gut, and by the better prospect of thus remedy-
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success in connexion with the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, and
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this remedy, has been undermined by the truth-telling
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thickened and opaque, especially over the hemispheres ; and the ependyma
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broad, grajdsh-white, peripheral zone, is very gradual, while, in infil-
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