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indignation, the revelations made in The Times of the

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may be left. This may be avoided by making the first incision through

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an attack of the erysipelatous inflammation, then epidemic, supervened, and

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this terrible and protracted disease, he has had the advice of

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have found 1.31 to be the mean number for boys, and 144 for girls, my extreme

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experimental studies, thoroughly agrees with these conclusions, while

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by the study of a new truth, before he will become a worthy

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ula. At the termination of the attack pain was still per-

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tables relative to the blind and to tabulate to the greatest extent

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and intermittent ; respirations very superficial ; con-

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lates to the procedure to be followed in sterilization

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in the former by washing out the organ with warm water, to which some

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It is well known that midwives and some doctors give the

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surface of a mineral solution (Raulin's) containing cane

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was found considerably dilated before the operation. In one a stone

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sound. It occurs in four modifications. In the greater number of cases

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and the danger of sepsis are thus reduced to the minimum.

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The thoracic film consisted of six exposures. The stomach

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already mentioned, that these patients take such a despondent view of

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still reddens litmus, though perhaps faintly. Indeed it may do so

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drum membrane on the right side appeared perfectly normal

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generally, hold that cases of chorea due to fright are in a different

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eoces. A high stateof the befomsteri eodddn changes ui

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cal accidents. 2d. The history of improvements in the

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Queen Elizabeth's time, afterwards sworn Surgeon to

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Mem. [etc.], in anat., 8°, Loud. & Edinb., 1889, 1 -12,

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great majority of cases, which would in vain be expected

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half choked with thoracic and abdominal congestions. The

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near a foetid marsh, the miasm from which was anything but

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slept well during the night, and awoke at eight o'clock on the

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