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Brand. Med. & Surg. Reporter, Phila., 1887, Ivi, 808-811.—

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is so necessary, they have sought to diminish ; and the increased

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reticulum of fibres with small-cell infiltration, casea-

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be quoted; this would be a repetition of words; nor liave illustrations in

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daily amount of urine was reduced to 2% liters while

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The term " signs " is used by the public indiscrim-

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localized headache; third, the persistence of general headache, with

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humour be simple, the disease is a simple struma ; if

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edly injected with human red cells and extract of placental tissue.

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numerous, for we must remember that most objects appeal to sight, and

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receipt : the second, a closer and more distinct view of the

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with various matters. Cellulose, from whatever source obtained,

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of retention of urine, and even of a largely over-dis-

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meatus urethra, on the vulva, or even on the cervix.

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interrupting paroxysms before they assume a pernicious character, in

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prehensive. A treatment which is designed mainly to

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the Council, and had certainly not been utilised. It

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understood, appreciated, or practised. This pajjer was not

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become irregular, small, and feeble ; the apices of the tracing

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ease, the primary tumor ulcerates, and with the advent of

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beate dono. But gradually his powers declined, although he attended

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For artificial ventilation, a shaft or shafts would find a suitable place in the centre

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uled appointments. Because the positive predictive value of

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seems to be the rule in cases of moderate severity.

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tioned Dr. Robert Robertson’s (deceased) paper on auto-

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condensation. Fatty substances, in like manner, rendered heat latent in the

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tice to his opinions in favour of calomel and other preparations

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food, giving rise to the disease known as ergotism. In the year

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teria. In passing through the soil the water takes up a rather large

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