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nicated with a smaller double-necked bottle containing water ; the
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Fortunately, typhoid bacilli do not grow and multiply in water
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as umbilication may be seen in some of the lesions,
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cysted collection of fluid. There was no heart dis-
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of these bodies being remnants of menstrual follicles.
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Athens," these two heroes of philosophy are represented
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case reported by Aufrecht, in which it appeared two months after re-
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sent this case to you in order to show how this individ-
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Bases in which the abscess is ascertained to be making its way through
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there is no infection, the leucocytes progressively diminish.
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on Anatomy and Physiology, three Courses of Lectures on
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sively employed, and was considered the correct and
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tection of the lives and bodily safety of the traveling public.
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1905 a. — Beobachtungen an der Sporocyste und Cercarie des Distomum duplicatum
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than five years j while their proportionate statures
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into its structure. Sometimes patches of extravasated blood;
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D.i-spnoS und .\pnoe. Arch. f. d. gcs. Physiol., 1868, 1, 61.
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marked in the cortex just beneath the capsule, around the glomeruli,
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quite correct to use the expression " saved as by fire " in its
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I have been in the habit of mentioning that of keeping open the
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1897, xi, 100. — Kolli (V. A.) Sluchai ecliinokokka be-
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on ver> strongly, if at all; and that is that this
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blood stream or lymph current ; in nine days the em-
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is a perennial plant, with branching, round, striated
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thing toward bearing the expenses of a brother physician involved
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. of only 3.03 per cent In 329 cases there are only 3 cases
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upper cervical vertebrae. On attempting reduction of
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why intestinal or renal lesions may in one case pro-
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over the temples, ears, brows, axillary spaces, chest, umbilicus, and
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