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greatly enlarged, the aorta dilated and atheromatous,

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The two disastrous events which have followed each other so

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I have seen greal injury done in some cases which came under my obser-

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capillaries and veins ; but the collection of the blood in these veseels

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returned to work. Here then, Dr. Vose said, we have a

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" The percolator is prepared for percolation by gently pressing a

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seems to be more particularly the case when the extremities are

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he deprecates. He would have the Council institute a special

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lens was removed is of coui'se doubtful ; but in the right [left?] eye vision was

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tered to tli3 patient, who almost immediately fell into

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Some physicians call almost every venereal ulcer, syph-

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(6.-8.); 1889-90 to 1893-4 (11.-15.) ; 1896-7(18.).

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annually increasing^ while according to Chaieauneuf^*

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Bilious Remittent Fever. — This is the most common and the least

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cially good for this purpose, in fact, is one of the most satis-

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mind is healthy and bright, when enthusiasm aids in the performance

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to be a legitimate one, is well known to every practicing phy-

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stiffly in walking, and swings the leg outward so as to lift it as far

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gorgement. Severe dropsy, or well-marked cyanosis, is hardly ever

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confined to the ducts or the gall-bladder. In other cases, developing

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opinion, of which the Acts went far in advance. Under these

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5 grains every two or three hours. Some advised a much more libera!

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zen, who claim to have gotten good results from large doses of iodide

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climates, one of the most frequent sources of incapacity for useful work

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this country, as well as the world over, are ah-eady acquainted

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six months, while others of conveniently short memories

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ing about the Wound, shave it off: then wipe away the clotted

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in his own case, as in others, but he fails to pre-

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