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against a disease the cause of which is only surmised or the mode of

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early operation is the treatment for primary renal tuberculosis, if we can

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festations are similar to the simple form except that the lymphatic glands,

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are to be donors of a certain sum to the funds of the College.

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III. On Smallpox, and the Means of Protection against it. By S. Henry

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4 p.m., Dr. John H. Gibbon, " The Diagnosis and Treatment of

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perfection as a book can be. The prefatory reading matter in former

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don may be even severed, and yet be restored by approx-

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Infectious Diseases in New York. — We are indebted to

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Eemarkable Seralts by FrofiBssor Koeher in the Treat,

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her physicians despaired of her recovery, was an attack of

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endothelium dependent vessel relaxation in cholesterol fed rabbits.

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extremely low level characteristic of the primary fall, because of

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intervening impulses by the other, and this film shows that the two sets

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air at least onee a day. We do not propose to lay down a set of

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C. Wilson, Philadelphia. (29) Sub-phrenic Abscess, with espec-

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gradually increasing obstacle to the progress of the contents of the

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currence, not an accidental or occasional circumstance, in

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sper. di freniat., Reggio-Emilia, 1881, vii, pt. 2, 292: 1882,

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phere of the brain? But he would not dAvell upon this point, as he

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sion. Several instances of this kind have fallen under my observation.

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none so cleanly, eflftcient, and convenient as those made from the

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the pylorus; or it may, after much teasing, gain admittance along the

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difficulties ; its administrators are a class apart from the rest

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I answer then, with this important distinction: You can give such

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One of the consequences of premature introduction to so-

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phlogistic regimen with an ample diet and stimulation.

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lying on the back, with the lower limbs extended and placed

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the otorrhoea resulting u*om scarlet fever as well as from other causes :

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further procession towards a theory of the origin of the infective

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the lazy man might work; with it, he will not, for while it lasts, his

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both of the Radcliffe Tents and of the Hospital Marquees when

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diseases at tlie bed-side of the sick, For this purpose I make use

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A treatment of less than half an hour, however, will prove ineffective for

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pint of a gruelly-looking fluid in the abdominal cavity. After searching

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