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The Significance of Bladder Symptoms in the Diagnosis of Renal Disease —

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a shrubby tree which serve as a diverticulum to the spirits.'' Lan-

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Boldo is a tree found in Chili, of a height of five or six feet, isolated on

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also fewer muscles are involved than in the latter.

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:nuch less frequent in this country than in France.

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li.gament. This in some cases gave rise to a tensive. draw-,

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Db. Welch, of Maryland : Yes. If they could not attend, ap-

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unhealthy situation in which they have been exposed to the influ-

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adult, but is a degree or more lower. The summit of

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Serratus posticus inferior. — Origin, lumbar fascia, and spinous

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this is about the only limitation we put on the foods

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app ">sition, and a good result ensued. Many amusing anecdotes

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hundred and two hundred and twenty grammes of venous blood respect-

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for Tuberculous Disease of the Lympiiatic Glands " and

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tiredness on exertion. She frequently used to have fainting attacks,

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nieiit. De la k6ratoscopie ou skiascopie; nioyen simple

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which are the orifices of perpendicular glands."' — \>. 1G5.

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in combination with a dull or weak intellect, may entirely obliterate

and in the amount of nitrogen becoming less and less

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inodorous and non-toxic. Aristol is supplied in ounces.

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classes it may almost be doubted whether the life of a valetu-

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defibrinated blood is poured, to the required quantity, through into the peritoneal

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testing in cases of disputed parentage ended in Dallas with

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