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disease. (6) Perforation of the bowel is usually followed in a few hours

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circumstances, qualify him for the practice of this profession.

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ossicles. Air was forced through the ears. Hearing by

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take this step through a misunderstanding of the condi-

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solicited votes for or sought any office within tiie gift of this society

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Hertfordshire, was committed by Mr. Vaughan, at Bow-street,

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schizogony of some of the luemogregarines of snakes occurs

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the subscription dinner given during its progress. In the course of the re-

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Male children were afflicted more often than female

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other food which was more easily digestible, but which being swallowed

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and striking. The pathological evidence amounted to

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Committee on Adjudication : Dr. Jerome Cochrane, Mo-

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from hemolytic streptococcus and from B. mucosus gave no fixation.

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wisdom in impalement cases dictates that the foreign

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the Bauchstiel is converted into the umbilical cord. At page

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41. Davis, B. F., and Carlson, A. J.: Contributions to the Physiology of Lymph,

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nomena of uremia may result from the action of nephrolysins upon the

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not advise this operation in cases complicated by severe

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Scarcely twenty years have passed since the completion of Pepper's

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article, half an hour over a book, availed him as much as half

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It was in consequence of the labors of M. Seguin at

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a week or ten days ; then a weak solution of the bichloride of

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and the lower half of the forearm. On removing their epider-

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Postmortem revealed, a large anterior mediastinal sarcoma cor-

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in and abont the house for a certain time — so Ion?, in fact, as they do not

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that the health insurance industry does not in fact

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nate the lactic and other allied acids from the blood, and to reduce the excess

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condition of medicine, both as a science and as an art ; and then consider

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is another muscle called the splenius, which is inserted into all

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between the injury and total blindness ; and it would seem from

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(January, 1889) the eyes are in perfect position and no com-

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