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due to irritation from the acids or coloring matter of the bile.

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hops, and can be prepared by every apothecary. One hundred parts

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August 9, 1908, died September 16. Family history: Father and mother are both

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the reactions were performed with the blood of mice numbered 19 and

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entitled to priority in the literature which belongs to Nocardia; besides

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as we shall show while treating of Blight's disease, is one of the ac-

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choledochus. If we find a pear-shaped, movable, occasionally fluctuat-

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cutaneous stimulation, such as friction upon the chest with warm turpen-

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from the sac, so that it contains nothing except the effusion.

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pass cephalad between the median and lateral fields above noted to a

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passed in a number of cases of successful treatment, when the disappearance

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duce any uneasiness till the peritonaeum participates in the inflamma-

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A mild grade of fatty infiltration was demonstrated in 17 of the

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quirurgica de la Habana, (1894), no. 18; Rvf. : Centralbl. f. Bakt. etc., (1895),

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The symptoms of the abscess which remains and gradually in-

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badly-nourished children are more disposed to them than strong and

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moderately thickened, so that such a termination of the disease may

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indicates typhus rather than gastric fever, although bronchial catarrh

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gestion of acetate of lead, and of drugs containing tannin as a means

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Among the stomachics, which are indicated in the last-described

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mind that there are but few mucous follicles even in the finer bronchi,

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middle age. No connection has been proved between this disease

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arises during the course of a protracted catarrh, the development of pul-

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croupous with diphtheritic stomatitis (see Chapter HX). By repeated

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died of softening of the brain, that most terrible bugbear of the laity.

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layers. The papillae show a definite downward growth and often include

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difficult, and, in some patients, cause severe pain, while in others they

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of Trichuris in the stools. The patient died and at autopsy the brain was normal,

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pyramids bluish red. There may be little extravasations of

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a quantity of mercurial ointment was rubbed into the skin of the

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the work of charity must be much curtailed. The officers the present year

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Should microscopic examination reveal that the deep-yellow, sharply-

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