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to dissolved hemoglobin. To the naked eye it has a vitreous, glairy,

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the idea has become so firmly implanted, that the fear of cholera is

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1892, Ixix, 495-.50U.— Oangolphe (M.) &. Josserand

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of .syphilis the induration is made more salient. fSonu.

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same ancient author spake of various preparations of

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ance; but it follows also from those inflammatory processes that

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other hand, there exists the fact that the disease is often produced

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perhaps the value of lemon-juice as a prophylactic was due to the potash it

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treatment formerly in vogue, Dr. Tomlinson remarked that

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of the brondbial catarrh, which almost always accompanies emphysema,

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hours. They may recur at wide intervals or frequentl}-. As a rule, to

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gestion of the pulmonary vessels ; and in paard ziekte, more or

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