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intention is now never heard in such cases, though it

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tofore as malignant or gangrenous angina. That the process was not

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In an old lady who came to me with distress in the stomach,

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During the year 1902 Argentina exported 9,308,200 pounds of but-

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bleeding; moreover, it continues to decrease the hema-

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An important subdivision of General Pathology relates to the appreciable

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and American authorities, the ordinary contaminated material

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quinine, Imt even this was detected in the same ninn-

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old, who had been sick some days with scar- ^^,j ^^at quinine is no{ good for chills,

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OQ the slightest touch, and comes to pieces between the fingers, or *

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cal relation to retinal haemorrhages. They most fre-

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have died and another is afflicted with the disease. It is

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tions of work. Before doing so, it is necessary to estimate, in

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lented any definite lesions. (8.) Examination of the spinal cord

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chronic lead-poisoning. It is sometimes preceded by dyspeptic troubles,

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a tendency to talipes varus and inward pointing of the

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flowing over the surface of the sore. The discharge is thus washed away as

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man of original thought propounds an idea or a theory;

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a great deal of the suffering of mature years is laid in early life.

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those of the bacilli. Oxygen and a certain degree of heat are also necessary

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six to eight weeks ; but the deposition of bone salts

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spread over the surface of the brain — upon the base and between

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formula for the solution was : "Take of sulphate of quinia, 4.;

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"He kept the whiteness of his soul, wherefore men mourned

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disturbed; corroborates and revives all the noble faculties of

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he had a violent fall on a stone stair-case, at the beginning of

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depressed and weak, headache, loss of appetite, constipation, but

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25 to May 5, it was sufficient to add sodium chlorid to the preceding

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