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sue, necessarily cause a necrosis of the pulmonary elements. When
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must put it to the meeting whether this discussion shall be
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be the omentum, involved in a possibly more general peritoneal
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but will be accompanied by transfer lists in regular form (par. 583).
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literature and both are practically identified with
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" The symptoms to which aneurism of the hepatic artery gives rise, are accord-
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and Spry, O.C.O. August 28, 1848 ; also « Med. Gaz.,' Nov. 24, 1848 J in
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infants requires pressure over a plug containing tannin, alum or gelatin
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showing the general educational condition of our city, it gives me pleas-
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care in making and maintaining reduction after such fractures.
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might state that his is the only case of frank suppuration that we
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the case remains a pure bacteriuria, or whether an infection of the kidney
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their tragical results, he gave a short history of the oper-
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time fell into a state ofcotnplete cerebral torpor. The
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once seems erroneous. The only basis on which an immedi-
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During epidemics atypical cases occur. They are not common. Varia-
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5 or 6 A.M. he would suffer greatly. When he walked about the foot got
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reasonable manner. So low does veterinary medicine seem to
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There has been a threatened, and at times, definite retrenchment
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infult, but prone to forget Injury. It miay with jufilce be faid,
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paralysis of the left facial nerve. He would sleep all day long, and passed
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space. It had existed about five weeks, and i with a good stump. On dissection of the
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infected with the Nichols strain of Spirochete pallida and three with
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parasite, sarcoptes scabiei, which is always introduced from without.
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to resume his ))rofessional labours, and was returned to duty on the 31st
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and the viscid saliva drivel from the lips ; finally, stupor supervenes, and
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practice. In regard to both these classes of patients, I
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