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did not consist of abuse of the medical profession, was de-

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UP AN Ear that is Running.- Vermillion i, cumin I, ass's-ear i, hatet-oil

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for the farmyard odours amid which so many patients

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and is unconscious ; he is evidently moribund. 6 15 p.m.

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characteristic of menstruation. There is a rise of blood pres-

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but localised peritonitis ensued, of which he died on the'

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always calculated that each dresser saw on an average not

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under tlie present Home Rule Bill. A circular has been ad-

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King's College, Loudon, rice Professor J. W. Groves, resigned.

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expelling the lens but also a large part of the vitreous. I use

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to the Mission Dispensary in August, 1892, suffering from a

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some few feet above it, so that the water, when it overflows,

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procrastination means in the East. It is a great pity that Mr. Haldwin

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coughed frequently and expectorated an enormous amount of the most

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Cavalry, is permitted to retire from the service from April lull. His

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iiave recorded their scepticism of physic— rather of the

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Myoma ; (2) Double Ovariotomy for Multilocular Cysts, done

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Section B. — Pathology, comprising Models, Casts, Naked-

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typhlitis. On June 14th, 1892. she was suddenly seized with pain in the

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to the paragraph in the British Medical Journal of March nth with

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Various methods of treatment have been adopted for the

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relation to the wliole theory of the weights, measures, and

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tried replacement, but so severe was the resulting collapse

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prejjare papers to send notice at once to me, and they will

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effect of raising and equalising the standard of examination

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Mainland of the Madi as Service, has. at the recommendation of the Sureeon-

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