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moved : a turpentine stupe and dose of castor-oil and turpentine. She

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tion of diseases). Three cardinal points the unanimous endorsement of the Medical

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secretion decomposition occurs, the fluid becomes purulent, and a pyometra

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she is more likely to show nephritis gravidarum and eclampsia.

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stances to be digested. Hence, after overloading the stomach, the symp-

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founded upon the assumption of our possessing that knowledge, is not

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a surface erosion, while in the second animal of the series (Figs. 24 and 25) the

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posed to encourage. Mistaking the Latin and scientific name of

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binthinated caoutchouc, combined with other remedies, will assist in

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ical Society of Western Massachusetts has no confidence in any

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seems quite probable that the liver cells may have a selective power

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in a very disorderly and dirty condition, there being in one

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Favtis — Alopecia Areata— Local Treatment of Eczema — Use

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always entertained a high opinion of the medical profession as a

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members had found honofit from arsenic in similar cases — or was the cure due


steamers have been plying between the ports referred

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during which the condition is one of uniform severity or

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adhesions occasion no sharp angulation, they may interfere sufficiently

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predilectioni for those areas where tiie colon changes from a fixed to

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on the quickness of physical reaction nor on the tempera-

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