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follows : Central scotoma of left eye, vision {y|y ; paresis of left external

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tion. In the blood only melaniferous leukocytes. Apyretic.

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ing the sight of the right eye by removal of the left

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infectious diseases, to indicate measures of national

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or not. * I can imagine nothing that would add more to

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its presence, such as that of Rothera, are in reality tests for aceto-acetic

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the bacilli vary ; the free ends are generally rounded, whereas those

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If a person has been genuinely cured by faith, on any one


head, headache, vertigo, cardiac palpitation, slight pseu-

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duration of the disease can scarcely be shorter, but may readily be

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for cancer of the tongue, supposed to be due to smoking.

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operative mortality for the malignant tumors of ten per cent.

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the cerebellum, the animal's movements are performed without

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and blasphemous expressions, to the great delight and mental titilla-

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in strictness to be cured. So in Mr. Heath's case also. His

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gradual heating and .sea.soning of a furnace intended

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roots showed very marked degeneration, particularly in the

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ited ; the temperature is elevated; iu most cases it is a

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pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine or clindamycin. Although

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thyroidectomy or strumectomy the cachexia thyropriva or strumipriva,

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tis (Inflammatioii of the kidneys) that water accumulates very rapidly;

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reclined upon a couch, and at once filled with Mallinckrodt Chemical

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be easily dislodged. It lives and weds, has a progeny

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should be freed, so far as possible, from matter which might possibly

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useful classification into normal and pathological giants, the former rare, the

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like to join a group or associates practice in a medium to large

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arsenic. The diagnostic features of so-called copper colic, as contrasted

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altered in the immediate future on lines that are the direct outcome of

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cartridge containing the antiseptic powder should be wound this bandage, about

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sistent tachycardia or pyrexia (at home and at rest), those who have

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Medical Congress in Calcutta that in India 46.6 per cent, of his cases

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that from the years 1906-7 to 1915-16 this disease did not

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20, the Emergency Hospital, which closed a few weeks ago,

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inflammation. It is usually attended also with constitutional symptoms

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latter, as he dips once more into his medical studies.

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cipal professional control of all meats offered for sale.

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patient! He says : " Of course, he (Dr. Beale) goes

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afforded me of observing (tor the first time) the absolute com-

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