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had had renal colic and hematuria for 14 months; a uric acid

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is indicated in the treatment of angina pectoris due to coronary

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cases this preponderance is very great. Allow me to

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For my own satisfaction, and as a test of the correctness of

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compensation should be limited. This board was also

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the internal jugular vein. The occipital artery generally arises at the same level

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be considered by the courts. We hold, however, that the economic

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-of fasciculi were easily torn from each other. Small fragments

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one recently for twenty-two days, it being removed after the sixth every

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tion, the manipulation being the same as with Mathieu's. When

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In the majority of cases in which blood is coughed up, the brondiial

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muscular force is eraploj'ed. I have seen cases of these where

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even the finest bougie could be introduced into the sto-

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where the tibio- tarsal articulation had been more or less injured by gunshot

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cipal professional control of all meats offered for sale.

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Next to urotropin, salicylic acid was the most efficient.

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occupying the sella turcica and covering half of the left mid-

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No. 4 of an interesting periodical, bearing this title, issued from the press

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ureters on either side may be brought into view, held

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niary loss to the medical profession, but still more lamenta-

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ral habit of blaming a piece of practice, because it has not suc-

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Here, again, we protest against a rule. Let us see if

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found also in a symposium on the Treatment of Chronic Bright's Disease at the

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to health, and its enforcement would be based on opin-

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As I had lately seen some instances in which this agent

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During the year 1902 Argentina exported 9,308,200 pounds of but-

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caught up by the typhus at the end of March— viz., 8,500 and 8,000

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