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West, and from the North to the South, they drain all the filth of

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soon began to spread, and were dressed with powdered camphor. On the 8th

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qualified. If a soldier is found still proficient on such examination,

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habitation and a name " to the self-created authorities of their ill-guided

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a brush which has been dipped in a solution of corrosive

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fluid, after which it should be dusted with aristol or iodoform and a

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mer. The earliest case in the Bitter Root valley was

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the joints on the paralyzed side only were attacked. At

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of the air, dislocation of the heart and of the exudate) .

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dust. Baths are reserved for the stage where the invalid is sufficiently

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the majority of the positive bacterial findings were

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in the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh : Oliver and Boyd. Fp. B2.

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of carbolic acid, encouraged him to try it in the treat-

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When patients are discharged, the majority of them are well

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AND AGNES SCROLL RUDDOCK, Contract Surgeon. Director Technical Work,

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cause of infection is by the forceps used by a dentist in extracting a tooth.

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as proof thereof, for this soiHng is daily found on the bodies of those

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if hypnotic suggestion is only employed after due consideration with the

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experience render it so much more simple and effectual

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Cases 18 to 25. — All soldiers, and all discharged cured, and returned to the

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when floated out in water, were the thin broken edges of some large utero-pla-

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counteract its narrowing influences and based on some 700 thvroids of man and

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The next highest temperature was 105|° also on the first day in an

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expansibility, on impact, and the corkscrew-like spin of the


intense gastric irritability — so intense, that anything swallowed

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outside of the animal body multiply more slowly in the initial trans-

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parturient women, and yellow fever, asserted to be indigenous in some

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cases in a recent epidemic of influenza in Warsaw, and appears to have no

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M'Leod, M.B.Glasg. (1908), attached to 8th Mobile Bacteriological

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idiotic countenance, and was never free fi-om spasms and palsy, com-

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