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gitis a consecutive disease, and holds it to occur frequently. But a direct

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taneously or in rapid succession. There may be an acute miliary tuber-

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tliat Dr. Lonsin found a microscopic nematode in an Egyptian

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cupa, B. ** boge, O. 23 II. omits what comes to nothing ; O.

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the latter, which consists of a proteine substance, may be regarded

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the possibility of losing his leg from gangrene if collateral circulation

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316 Experimental Illustrations of Convulsive Diseases.

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. GcsellBch. f. Vaterl. Kult. Phil. Hist. Abth. Bred.. 1H62,

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friction are used, the room is warm, and the body temperature

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ternal pressure. Double diastolic beat may in mitral

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warm water was given ; in half an hour after the bowels acted freely and

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Let’s skip the next two pages and turn to page 4.

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convulsions, followed by stupor, and lethargy. The pupils are much dilated,

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colour, almost black in fact, contrasting in this respect in a very marked manner

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able to expect that every physician will take the trouble,

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serious attention of the wealthy inhabitants in the " Back Bay" lands,

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drawing it rajndly along the flat surface of No. 1 in

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concentration to avoid overcompensation. As I tried to

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eases which they were known to cure : — For example, that

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couchgrass, the natural medicine of the dog, and deprivation of

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all ages, by being softer, by its gradual growth, by the enlarged veioa

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reaction, and some writers say that its colour has a milky aspect, due to

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chronic nephritis, so that death was uot attributable to

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authors who are well posted in that branch of surgery. A mere glance at the list

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generally speaking, the simple effect of stimulating

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M. Bernard, and continued to feel very deeply interested in his

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usually one, two or even more periods of excitement

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There is a little danger in this operation. Phlebitis

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whenever they were touched ; swallowing was impeded, but not re-

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