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competent surgeon in other measures, such as are ordi-

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with some. Potassium iodide in small doses, gr. v (gm. 0.32), may some-

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increased the irritation, and the vascular tonus was gradually

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Pediculus Corporis. This louse is larger than the head-

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sibbens, pian de nerae, frambcesia or yaws, and many others.

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wash the eyes 3 times a day in cold water. If this simple

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heart in mitral disease and emphysema. More commonly, that is in

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Syndrome (AIDS): Because of unique immune dysfunction. AIDS patients may not tolerate or respond to

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discover and remove the cause of undernourishment. The importance

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enteric fever, when it spreads through the system by changes in the organs

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than between mine and SmelhVs. In fact, in the blade, the

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discover some specific bactericidal sul^tances,. which dis-

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In most cases idiopathic tetanus is developed abruptl}-, without premo-

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tion. Not that such relaxation should be maintained

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pneumonia, when the height of the temperature is undoubt-

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the interior and posterior perforated spaces should be carefully withdraws

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closely resembling that of small-pox, going through the stages of papu-

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by any other — the special indication being the destruc-

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followed by a fine desquamation. By tlie seventh or eighth day the rash is nearly

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cells employed to twenty-four. As I was of opinion that, to do

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his general prescription; and the cases are rare indeed in which,

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never be seen or their nature not suspected. For clinical

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ception, in houses of the very worst hygienic character and

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of our springs, they will send their patients here with

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that we may be easily deceived in this respect. The finger

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its free adoption are its relative constancj', per-

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open with non-medicated intravenous fluid. An infusion

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had an insupportable gangrenous odor, and when we removed the de-

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ment of disease in man. ... I believe that physiology

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with the pains, or dull, and gazing listlessly in the intervals.

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protoplasm, but are more or less intimately connected "^dth it.

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which the disease arises, and since, as will more distinctly appear later on,

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statements of principles and rules for practice that are

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