Ms Contin 30 Mg Er High

which succeeded the injections of larger doses — thirty to sev-

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Nuevo Laredo are greatly improved. One more case of fever

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the head and face, with a mark or furrow on the neck, and congestion of the

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Venereal Disease : Its Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment.

ms contin 30 mg half life

quite by surprise to come here and be announced in that

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Feb. 21. Condition about the same. Bacteriological report showed Klebs-

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Dr. Burge reminded the Society, in closing the debate, that all these remarks must,

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point to which Corvisart brought it (yet how far was it from

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a compensatory enlargement of the gland, with the object (if one might be

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tain definite length between the sensitive retinal plate and

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1155 Fifteenth Street, AMV.. Washington . I).C. 20005

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of amusing babies he would have located their faces on the other side of their

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ms contin 30 mg er high

higher up. In treating diseases situated in the lower part of

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Western Infirmary. This Hospital contains about 400 Beds for Medical and

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any class of patients except those bed -ridden with acute

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gravity. The chlorides are lessened and the phosphates increased. If

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from the first day of December, 1898 ; and biennially there-

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Dr. Bantock exhibited a specimen illustrating the Changes

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by Dr. William H. Myers, of Fort \Vayne ; " The Pre-

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cuniculus. Even granting that the " prurigo papule "

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lating ; and, in such cases, sea air is contraindi-

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July, 1899). The swelling of the parotid glands during typhoid

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onset of the appendicitis, especially if, as in the last c;isc, the tumour

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has been noted in these editorials, that we are simul-

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1. The highly stimulating practice of Drs. Miner and North, by means

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cessation. One week ago the physician in attendance found it

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leave this fold to itself; after a while it vanished, and

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Their language is chaste and energetic, and they appear to utter their

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